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Health & Social Care (OCR)

As a school we are very much aware and proud of the fact that many family members of our students’ train and work in the health and social care sector. We therefore understand the importance and value of this qualification in our community. The curriculum explores the fundamental principles of Health and Social Care settings and is an excellent starting point for students who want to work in these fields and has a direct progression into Post 16 Courses. By studying Health and Social Care, our students will understand and apply the key aspects the effect of health and social care settings has on individuals, including investigating the rights of individuals, person centred values, effective communication and how people are protected by these services. The course will also develop learning and practical skills that can be applied to real-life contexts and work situations. Students are encouraged to think creatively, innovatively, analytically, logically and critically. Our aim is that the course develops independence and confidence in using these skills, that would be relevant to the health and social care sector and more widely.

Success in our Health and Social Care course will ideally enhance students’ employability, contributing to both their personal development and future economic well-being. As well as this, the course will provide our students with essential knowledge and transferable skills to improve their learning in other subjects. These skills include, effective communication skills evaluation, planning, presentation, delivery and research skills. All of which are extremely attractive in the modern workplace.

This GCSE encompasses two units of coursework and one unit which is exam based, to ensure the qualification is robust and as demanding as a GCSE. In Year 10, students study Supporting individuals through life events, where students will learn about growth and development through life stages. They will also research different Health promotion campaigns, as well as creating and presenting their own campaign. In Year 11, students learn about the Principles of care in health and social care settings, looking at the key topics that are important when caring for and protecting people in health and social care services.

What Parents/Carers can do to help:

Your child has been given a Knowledge Organiser for each topic they study. This summarises the key information they must know if they are to be successful in this subject. Please encourage them to learn this off by heart and revise topics regularly.