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Physical Education

The vision of the OIAM PE Department is to offer the opportunity to build upon existing skills, knowledge and understanding in a supportive environment within a variety of sporting activities. The curriculum encourages all students to participate in sports for the benefit of their physical, mental health and well-being. It aims to provide a wide variety of activities to engage all students. In addition, OIAMFS has at its heart the three drivers of Sport, the Arts and Enterprise. We are committed to developing the sporting element of our students and Physical Education is a key aspect of this.

Throughout the curriculum students will learn to work effectively as part of a team, collaborating with others to achieve shared goals, which can help to strengthen their relationships with peers and enhance their self-esteem. Whilst also encouraging them to develop a sense of responsibility for their own efforts and performance.

Key Stage 3 PE

At OIAMFS we use the ‘ME in PE’ approach to designing the core curriculum and connected curriculum. In years 7-9 students will develop the knowledge, understanding and skills required by the subject area of physical education and developing a healthy lifestyle.

The 5 areas to be studied are:

  • Physical – focusing on the application and development of basic and advanced skills.
  • Creative – focusing on implementing and adapting strategies to solve problems, and designing drills and practices to improve performance.
  • Personal – focusing on how we remain resilient and motivated towards PE and a healthy lifestyle especially when the demand and challenge increases.
  • Social – focusing on other roles within sport such as coaching and umpiring as well as looking at how well you can give and receive feedback.
  • Healthy – focusing on how our body responds to exercise and what types of exercise suit and benefit the individual.

Students will also learn, develop and implement theory knowledge around movement analysis, fitness testing and nutrition in sport throughout KS3. This gives students the basic knowledge and understanding of key concepts before undertaking the GCSE Sports Science course.

KEY STAGE 4 Core PE (non – examined)

The curriculum in years 10-11 is aimed at the continuation of improving health and wellbeing during activity, encouraging students to pursue active and healthy lifestyles. The emphasis is on participation and enjoyment to promote a prolonged interest in physical activity.

KEY STAGE 4 Option Choice 

OCR Cambridge National Level 1/2 Sports Science – This course helps students appreciate how sport science underpins sport at all levels. It offers students the opportunity to study key areas of sport science including anatomy and physiology linked to fitness, health, injury and performance; the science of training and application of training principles

Year 1

  • Unit R041 – Reducing the risk of sports injuries (1 hour examination)
  • Unit R042 – Principles of Training (internally assessed assignments)

Year 2

  • Unit R043 – The Body’s Response to Physical Activity (internally assessed assignments).
  • Unit R054 – Sports Nutrition (internally assessed assignments)

What Parents/Carers can do to help:

Your child has been given a Knowledge Organiser for each topic they study.  This summarises the key information they must know if they are to be successful in this subject.  Please encourage them to learn this off by heart and revise topics regularly.