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Uniform Expectations

All our students in Year 7 to 11 are expected to wear the approved school uniform. A high standard of work and behaviour is expected from all our students, and we believe these are helped by also having high standards of appearance.

All items of school uniform are worn conventionally, and we expect parents/carers to support our reasonable requirements. We operate uniform checks each morning to ensure our students uphold our high standards with regard to the dress code and to check on essential items for a successful school day. This includes checking our students have the correct uniform and that it is worn correctly. If the correct uniform isn’t being worn, students will be asked to change into school owned alternatives, or they may be sent home to change. 

We expect students to maintain high standards of appearance at all times, and for older students to lead by example.

  • Non-uniform coats, hoodies or footwear should be removed before students enter the building and stored in their locker.

We will provide you with a voucher to purchase the following items of school unform:

  • Blazer with school logo
  • School Tie
  • PE Top with school logo
  • PE T-Shirt school logo
  • PE Jogger school logo

The School will have used items of uniform available on a continual basis, Heads of Year will advise on availability and process.

Uniform Suppliers (CLICK TO EXPAND)

Uniform that bears our logo is only available from the approved stockist below. The compulsory school logo badged items are the blazer and the PE Kit, plus the school tie. There is an optional v-neck jumper with a logo. This gives you the flexibility to buy any remaining items such as trousers, shirts, socks and shoes from wherever you choose. This is to offer families the opportunity to gain the best value for money; however, it must meet our standard uniform requirements.

The only official approved stockist of One In A Million Free School badged items is:

Rawcliffes Schoolwear42-44 Darley street, Bradford, BD1 3HN, Contact number is 01274 730846.

Order on-line on:

Any items bearing our logo purchased from alternative suppliers will not be acceptable.


School Uniform - Code of Conduct (CLICK TO EXPAND)

  • The School Blazer - This must be worn at all times around school and in Assembly. Students may ask their teacher’s permission to remove their blazer once in the classroom.
  • V Neck Jumper (optional)  - A black v-neck jumper may be worn in addition to the school blazer. 
  • Shirt - A plain white shirt, with collar should be worn, tucked in. This needs to button to the top of the neck and should enable a velcro-fix tie to be worn.

Fashion shirts/blouses are not permitted.

  • Tie - The school tie must be worn at all times with the top button of the shirt fastened.
  • Trousers - Traditional black trousers with a front zip fly must be worn. Tight trousers, jogging bottoms, fashion trousers, combats, jeans, varieties of stretch jeggings or leggings and footless tights are not permitted. An unbranded, plain, slim black belt can be worn, but a coloured or wide belt with buckles would not be suitable. No designer belts are allowed.
  • Shoes - Plain all-black leather or leather-look school shoes, not leather trainers (e.g. Converse). The wearing of trainers of any description, ballerina style shoes, backless shoes, boots which are longer than ankle length, fabric or canvas shoes, platforms, flip-flops or high heels is not allowed. Shoes and soles must not have logos or writing on and laces must be black.  No jewelled or other decorative trims will be permitted.

Other accessories:

  • Make Up – Discreet make-up will only be tolerated. Students will be expected to remove makeup if judged too excessive.
  • Nails - Nail extensions, false nails are not allowed.   Shellac or nail polish in anything other than clear is not allowed in school. Nails should be kept trimmed to a reasonable length.
  • Hair - Extreme hairstyles such as very close shaven hair, shaved patterns or excessive lines are not permitted. Unnatural colours or extreme contrasts of colours are not allowed. Students will be sent home and asked to change it, if staff feel they are not following our hair policy correctly. Students will be required to tie hair back if requested, e.g. during practical lessons and so hair ties should be brought to school with them.
  • Jewellery - Jewellery is restricted to the wearing of a watch, one plain metal stud earring, per ear and one small metal nose stud.  Smart watches are not permitted. Other types of ear rings such as bars, ear stretchers and hoops are not allowed. Students must not wear necklaces, rings, bracelets or bangles.
  • Piercings - No other piercings not permitted. Any new piercings should be made at a time when they can heal away from school time e.g. during the summer holidays.
  • Socks - Must be plain black.
  • Headscarf - If a student wishes to wear a head covering, a uniform hijab should be worn. This must be plain black, no embellishments are allowed.


The compulsory PE Kit consists of:

  • A black PE T-shirt/polo shirt with the school logo 
  • PE training top with the school logo 
  • PE Joggers with school logo.
  • Black sports socks 
  • Trainers (any colour) (pumps are not acceptable) 
  • Optional – Shorts with school logo


One In A Million has considered its obligations under the Equality Act 2010 not to discriminate unlawfully on the grounds of disability, ethnicity, gender, sex or religion or sexual orientation. Racial, cultural and religious needs accommodated within the general policy are given below.

  • Muslim females who choose to wear a head covering are permitted to do so, but it must be plain black. The wearing of niqab is not allowed.
  • Muslim males may wear a black prayer cap
  • Jewish males may wear a black kippah
  • Sikhs may wear a black turban.

One In A Million respects that:

  • A beard can be grown in line with religious observance.
  • Rastafarians and Sikhs can grow their hair long, but this must be tied back in a safe and secure manner.  
  • Males and females with African-Caribbean ethnicity can wear their hair in cornrows or braids, which if long must be tied back in a safe and secure manner.

One In A Million may allow certain religious amulets to be worn discreetly by students where there is religious significance