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Transition (from Primary)

One In A Million Free School recognises that moving from Primary to Secondary School is an important step in the next stage of any child’s education. This happens alongside the transition from childhood to adolescence and includes many changes — both physically and emotionally.

Children and parent/carers are actively involved in all transition processes that take place at One In A Million and their perceptions about transition are explored and valued. Measures are taken to ensure that students with learning or access difficulties experience a similar ease of transfer as others. One In A Million champions the diversity of individuals within our school and believes that all young people and their families are valued and unique.

We believe that a successful transition from Primary to Secondary school involves:

  • A young person being able to move as seamlessly as possible to their new setting.
  • Acknowledging that transition can be a very exciting, but also nervous time in a young life and as such endeavours to make the transition as smooth as possible, by providing plenty of opportunities for Year 6 students and their parent/carers to integrate into our community.

From the time when students and their parent/carers accept us as the school of their choice, we begin working closely with the Primary School the student is currently attending, to get to know them as individuals and ensure that the appropriate level of support is in place to help them settle quickly.

This process begins with an exchange of information between Primary Schools and One In A Million Free School which details the needs, as well as the existing skills, of each young person expected to begin attending OIAM at the start of the next school term.

Additional support for children with severe or complex levels of need is available to each student and their parent/carers throughout the transition process. This may include children with SEND, children with an Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP), children known to multiple agencies, children with severe social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs, children moving from an alternative provision or children with complex medical needs. Children identified in this area are likely to have a range of agencies involved in supporting them and the exchange of documented information will begin shortly after the selection of OIAM. Additional visits to the family home may be conducted by the OIAM SENCO and other staff members as part of the transition, and regular visits into OIAM will be scheduled as appropriate as part of an enhanced transition arrangement.

In the final term of Year 6, members of OIAM staff will visit the primary school of each student and describe both the transition process and what it means to be a student at our school. A key feature of this undertaking is not only to present opportunities for Year 6 students to meet our staff, but also to address commonly held worries or misconceptions. Research literature confirms that Year 6 students’ top five worries about transitioning to Secondary School are: bullying, discipline and detentions, homework, getting lost and losing old friends. Discussing such anxieties and identifying appropriate solutions is a central feature of this visit.

Close to the end of Year 6, all year six children are invited to an ‘induction day’ at our school, typically towards the end of the summer term prior to the transition. At this event, students and parent/carers are presented with opportunities to familiarise themselves with the school building and grounds, meet Year 7 Coaching Team Leaders, speak with other students and staff members as well as members of the school’s Senior Leadership Team.