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One In A Million Free School’s admissions process is managed in the same way as other Bradford schools by the local authorities admissions team.

To apply for a place at One In A Million Free School please visit the local authorities admissions team website for more information on the process.

Please click here to read our latest Admissions Policy

We are always significantly over-subscribed. Presently, we use the following criteria in the following order of preference:

‘Looked after children’ or ‘previously looked after children’ or students with an Education Health Care Plan where OIAMFS is stated as first preference.

  • Children with a sibling attending the school at the time of application.
  • Children with an exceptional medical, behaviour or social need, supported by a written recommendation from an independent professional such as a hospital consultant/paediatrician or social worker. The letter must explain why it is essential that the child attend OIAM school and why no other school could provide the appropriate support.” It is likely that this letter would initiate a meeting between all the appropriate parties to discuss the needs of the child and for the school to decide if it is able to meet the needs of the child. It should be noted that the smallness of the school or the close proximity would not be in themself be a strong enough argument.
  • Children who clearly show an aptitude in Arts or Sports (up to 10% places). This will be assessed by clear written evidence from a relevant professional(s) and/or previous teachers of competence at a high level.

If more than 6 applications are received with support from a relevant professional or teacher the places will be determined by using a random selection.

After these places have been allocated the applications will be split into 3 geographical areas.

The number of places from each of the three areas is specified below.

If one or two areas are undersubscribed the remaining places will be redistributed equally to the other areas.

Children whose home address is within the following three priority areas:

  1. Less than one mile straight line distance from the school (up to 20% places)
  2. Between one and two miles straight line distance from the school (up to 40% places)
  3. Over two miles straight line distance from the school (up to 40% places)

We offer an open evening in the first half term and ask those who are interested to fill in an ’Indication of Interest Form’ that can be picked up from the One In A Million reception.