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Religious Studies

The Religious Studies department aims to teach a high-quality syllabus which develops pupils’ understanding of the different impacts that religion and belief have on individuals and communities, and enhances pupils' awareness of the kinds of questions raised by religion and ethics and how different religions answer them.

The long-term vision of the department is to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of all pupils and prepare pupils at OIAMFS for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences in the future.


At KS3, students will be following the ‘Believing and Belonging’ local agreed syllabus in West Yorkshire and also be focusing on a big question for each religion. The students examine the key beliefs and practices of six world religions over the three years; Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism. Each religion is assessed with an end of unit assessment.

Year 7

  • Christianity - What is faith?
  • Hinduism - Are all Hindu gods equal?
  • Christianity - Who is my neighbour?
  • Islam - What unites religious communities?

Year 8

  • Islam - What unites religious communities?
  • Buddhism - What is the truth?
  • Sikhism - What is a good life?
  • Judaism - Is Judaism more than family, food and festivals?

Year 9

  • Islam Practices
  • Crime and Punishment - Are religious believers too lenient on criminals?
  • Humanism - Created or chance?


Year 10

  • Islam Beliefs
  • Islam Practices
  • Theme E: Crime and Punishment
  • Theme A: Relationships and Families
  • Theme B: Religion and life

Year 11

  • Theme B: Religion and life
  • Theme D: Peace and conflict
  • Christianity Beliefs
  • Christianity Practices

What Parents/Carers can do to help:

Your child has been given a Knowledge Organiser for each topic they study. This summarizes the key information they must know if they are to be successful in this subject. Please encourage them to learn this off by heart and revise topics regularly.

Encourage your child to access GCSE POD which can enable students to access topics at home.