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Thrill of the ride! Young people have a blast at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

On Thursday 3rd August 2023, a group of excited children and young people visited Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

The recent showers stayed away and the sun shown brightly at the amusement park during an adrenaline-fuelled day packed with adventure and laughter.

David Wilson: “As you can see from some of the photo’s from the day, it was a wonderful day of social cohesion and inclusion with twenty-six young people from Manningham, Keighley, Windhill and Canterbury, happily mixed with each other, building new friendships and having lots and lots of fun”.

Jayden (Keighley): “What a day, I’ve absolutely loved every minute of it, it’s been such a laugh”.

Capri: “After doing that, I feel like I can do anything now… I want to go on it again! I don’t know why I was so scared!” (after going on Pepsi Max).

Coen: “That was crazily good!”.

A special thank you to all the staff and volunteers for a great team effort in supporting a day full of precious memories.