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One In A Million Charity are privileged to have range of partners that serve and support us for a number of different purposes. In keeping with our values we fully understand that in order to fulfil our vision this will only be achieved by associating ourselves with like-minded people who love Bradford and want to make a difference in the lives of children and young people. Our collaborations include community partners, funding/grant partners and our Corporate Partners.

Community Partners

Our principal community partners are: Bradford City AFC, Bradford Bulls Foundation, and Yorkshire Cricket Foundation.

We also partner with Active Bradford, Action For Sport, West Yorkshire Police, England Athletics, Bradford Athletics Network (BAN), YACAD, and Bradford Council (BMDC).

We collaborate with a whole host of other schools, businesses and charitable organisations through our community programmes.

Corporate Partners

Our Corporate Partners Programme has been in place since 2016. It is a network of corporate monthly regular supporters, who believe passionately about the work that One In A Million is doing amongst young people in the City of Bradford. As a Bradford or regional employer, our partners realise the importance of having a future workforce that is strong and work ready. By investing in Bradford’s young people of today, together, we can create a better tomorrow for the local economy, whilst giving young people an appetite to work and the inspiration to dream big! For more details see our Corporate Partners Programme page.

Funding & Grant Funding Partners

As a charity we are always extremely grateful when anyone supports or donates their valuable money and resources to the work we do. For us this begins with those generous individuals who are our regular monthly donors – many remain with us from our very humble beginnings. There have been literally hundreds of trust funds that have donated to the charity; some as a one off and others repeatedly! To all, we would like to express our deepest gratitude, and we hope you see we have shown care and diligence in utilising your funds.