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Our ‘Hub and Spoke model’ provides us with a strategic framework to have a presence across each of the five constituencies within the Bradford district. These include: Canterbury, Bierley, Manningham, Keighley, and Windhill (Shipley).


  • Canterbury is in the top 3% of national deprivation (figures 2022)
  • Bierley is in the top 5% of national deprivation (figures 2022)
  • Windhill/Shipley 
is in the top 16% of national deprivation (figures 2022)
  • Keighley 
is in the top 4% of national deprivation (figures 2022)
  • Manningham is in the top 2% of national deprivation (figures 2022)

These percentages do not take into account the individual % of deprivation for the children and young people who attend OIAM activities. We have those who live within the top 0.2% of national deprivation.

Bradford has the highest crime levels in West Yorkshire and the local issues are exacerbated by the recent government cuts to the youth sector, which has greatly accelerated the decline in youth provision in Bradford.

We believe that if we can help deliver our outcomes, we will be giving the young people and our community every chance to flourish, overcome disadvantage and build the social capital needed to transform our district.