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Vision & Values

Our vision is child centric placing them at the heart of all that we do. Our passion is to break the cycles of deprivation over their young lives, valuing and celebrating their uniqueness, letting them know they are ‘one in a million’.

We engage children and young people through our Sports, the Arts and Enterprise programmes and activities, which is underpinned by the methodology in our Theory of Change.

Our core values; compassion, honesty, integrity and excellence, are the central foundation to all we do. They are the DNA that runs throughout our organisation shaping our culture and ethos. We believe that every child is unique and valued.

At One In A Million, we have compassion for children and young people. We work with sheer honesty and integrity to ensure that we represent the children, our charity, and our city, well, whilst striving to bring excellence to them.

Wayne Jacobs, Co-founder/ Charity CEO

Community Pathways

Our community pathways are designed to increase and improving their life chances, aspirations, confidence and self-esteem alongside their social, emotional and physical wellbeing. We:

  • positively engage in some of the hardest-to-reach areas of Bradford and offer a safe place for children and young people to go after school where they can have foundational, fun and positive experiences;  
  • enrich the lives of those young people, offering the chance to experience a variety of activities through our taster sessions, facilitating them to discover their talents and passions;
  • enhance the potential in those children and young people by offering opportunities to pursue those talents and passions to the highest level through qualified coaching and training, and includes qualifications and accreditations.

Theory of Change

At the heart of our theory of change, designed by Dr. Gareth Jones, is the methodology to invest in children and young people and see them progress from being dependent, independent, to becoming interdependent (7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Stephen Covey) with the skills, knowledge, capital culture, and critical thinking to progress into employment, education and training.

Our commitment is to make a difference in our city. Although we work within parts of Bradford district, which fall within the top 1% of national deprivation, our motivation is to help change the negative statistics that hover over children and young people so that they can become responsible citizens who are thriving in life and in their communities.