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Clean & Bright: World of Work at Christeyns!

Young people from Shipley explore the working world of Christeyns on a fantastic World of Work adventure! 

During May half-term, a small group of young people adventured from Shipley into Bradford where they were warmly welcomed by the wonderful Christeyns team. 

Our day started with an introduction, where we learnt all about the services Christeyns provides, and the family ethos driving the whole operation. Next, we explored the entire premises (all suited and booted), from the sales office, to the testing lab!

After tucking into a wonderful lunch, we started our main task for the day; developing a new washing-up-liquid product and pitching it to the senior leaders! This included; 

  • Customer research: interviewing potential customers to explore what they look for in a washing-up liquid.
  • Buying ingredients: calling multiple suppliers to find the best deals and increase our profit margin.
  • Brand concept: inventing a brand name and strap line that best represents our product.
  • Designing a brand: creating logos and labels.
  • Practising a pitch: creating information boards and practising our pitch before the big event.

We are pleased to announce that our product was well received!

We'd like to say a HUGE thank you to the whole Christeyns team for such an informative and inspiring day and an especially big thanks to each person who was involved in creating a wonderfully immersive task. THANK YOU!

My favourite part was making the labels and coming up with a name for our product!