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Woodland Explorers: An Evening Adventure!

On Thursday 2nd November, 15 young people from our Keighley hub enjoyed a trip to Woodsworth for a thrilling evening of adventure, learning, and hot dogs! 

Facilitated by Duncan from Woodsworth Exploring (, the evening began with a glow-stick ramble around the very wet and muddy woods, followed by team games of 'find the pumpkins' and 'camouflage'. 

“I enjoyed playing the night stealth game!”. 

At dinner-time, the group cosied round the campfire while Duncan prepared hotdogs! The young people then learnt about the importance of keeping the woods clear of litter in order to protect the wildlife, plants, and ecosystem. 

Duncan, Woodsworth Exploring: “It was fantastic, a brilliant opportunity and rewarding to see children learn about ecology and how to care for it, through playing and exploring in the woodland”. 

I loved walking round the woods and exploring, looking for the pumpkins, my team won! 

Some of the youngsters have explored Woodsworth before on our annual summer camping trip. For others, it was a brand-new experience. “Can I come on the camping trip next year? It’s really cool up here!".

David W, OIAM Community Activator: “It’s great to have our partnership with Duncan at Woodsworth Exploring, he offers a great space for young people to explore the great outdoors, learn something new about the importance of protecting the woodland. Alongside our annual camping trip with children and young people, this was a great event. The children were very excited on the night which had a very autumn feel to it”.

All in all, it was a fantastic evening, a brilliant experience for everybody involved!