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Spread the Love! Young People Host Charity Bake Sale on Valentine's Day

Our amazing Children and Young People at our Shipley hub hosted a charity bake sale to 'spread the love' on Valentine's Day!

We are so proud of our young people in Shipley for showcasing their enterprise & entrepreneureal skills. During 'Youth Voice,' they decided that they would like to plan and host a bake sale to raise money for charity and new equipment for their community centre.

They are delighted to have raised over £60 in total!

The bake sale took place during our Valentine's Day parties for both Kidz Club and Youth Club. We explored what love is and discussed what we can do to care for each other.

Some of our other activities included; 

  • 'Love' themed treasure hunt & musical chairs
  • the 'Object Game'; learning about the 5 love languages through acting and learning the ways we can care for one another
  • Love language quiz!

I'm spreading the love so people can be happy!