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Update - One In A Million Charity COVID-19 Response

30th March 2020. Like for all at this time, it has been extremely busy and challenging for One In A Million to respond to the current situation.

As soon as we knew of the potential disruption and the challenge that we would be facing, decisions were made. We knew that, more than ever, vulnerable people would need our support. That made it easy for us to make the decision that whatever happened in the time to come, we would continue to work, even though the work we normally deliver would have to stop. We immediately spoke with Funders to ask their permission to change our work and to include wider stakeholders. We communicated that it was our heart to support our District’s response and get behind its efforts. In whatever way was deemed necessary, we wanted to support the vulnerable, whatever age in our communities. We didn’t want to do our own thing, but a part of the co-ordinated effort and they agreed. That set us off on a journey two weeks ago to get behind our District’s response to COVID-19. That is what we are now doing through our community department. We are pleased to be able to support this action, from co-ordinating the volunteer register in Bradford South, to delivering food to vulnerable families, doing the shopping for individuals, delivering activity packs to families, doing detached youth work, delivering activities in a school, and making wellbeing calls, we are delighted to be playing our part. 

In doing so, we have managed to keep most our staff working, but sadly this week it has also meant that we have had to use the government retention scheme for a very small number of them. We can only thank all our staff for their tremendous efforts and understanding at this time of change. 

To all our supporters, please accept our very best wishes for you and your family’s health, you are all in our thoughts and prayers and we look forward to meeting up again once this pandemic has passed.

Please look after yourselves and stay safe.

Wayne Jacobs | Chief Executive Officer