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The OIAM ‘Introduction to the World of Work’ with Christeyns

On Tuesday 14th February 2023, One In A Million Corporate Partner Christeyns hosted 7 young people aged 7 to 13 years old from our Canterbury Hub.

The day started with an introduction from Lucy Duckworth who facilitated the day from the Christeyns side with a very informative presentation on the company. This was followed by various guest speakers who gave an insight into their roles in the organisation which was really valuable as it helped the children and young people understand the vast range of jobs within Christeyns. We heard from staff members from the admin team, the logistics department and also an employee who actually mixes the chemicals.

The main part of the day was centred around various tasks which children and young people had the opportunity to take part in. The first task was an introduction to PPE (personal protection equipment) where the children and young people got to try on numerous bits of PPE such as helmets, goggles, suits, gloves and boots.

The second task was based around sales where children and young people participated in a role play activity and had to call round various different departments of Christeyns and negotiate the best price for the purchase of chemicals.

They then had the opportunity to actually mix chemicals and were given information on the PH scale which was very interactive and gave the children and young people a deeper understanding of what goes into making cleaning products.

Lastly, they got to design and create their own branding for a label for washing up liquid which rounded off the experience nicely as they were taken on a journey from shop floor, to production, to sales, to admin and beyond.

All in all it was a fantastic well-rounded experience which was well received by the young people. To have the opportunity to get inside a workplace such as Christeyns was a real eye-opener and hopefully broadened horizons for our children and young people.

Pathways Development Officer, Danny Forrest said “It was a great opportunity for our young people to be able to experience the inner workings of an international company such as Christeyns. One of the most valuable aspects of the day was exposing the young people to wide range of career opportunities available within such a work place. It has also helped them to see the wide range of skill sets needed in order for somebody like Christeyns to be able to function.

Our thanks go to Lucy Duckworth and the whole team at Christeyns for facilitating this fantastic provision. Thank you”.