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The OIAM ‘Introduction to the World of Work’ with Airedale Chemical

On 14th February 2023, One In A Million Corporate Partner ‘Airedale Chemicals’ hosted 9 young people, aged between 8–18 years old, from our Keighley Hub at Sue Belcher, Bracken Bank.

The morning started with a visit into the boardroom, where young people sat on chairs and watched a fabulous presentation on Airedale Chemicals by Lucy Kirkbright. The presentation focussed on how the company works and the different types of jobs, which exist within Airedale Chemicals, including Lucy’s own journey.  Some of the children felt like “business people” sat in the boardroom!

The young people discovered the variety of products, which they make and participated in a task to match the items to chemicals.

Dressed in their PPE, the group was split into two and heading off to a tour of the site, looking at different departments within Airedale Chemicals and seeing the different job roles.

The young people experienced a fabulous tour and a lot of the young people enjoyed the Dye department, some liked the lorry’s and forklift trucks, saying that they love to drive them one day!

David Wilson, Community Activator for our Keighley Hub said, “It is great for young people to visit a local business like Airedale Chemical. Such experiences help them to learn about careers and the marketplace. It is really important for those near to leaving school or who have left school already to have encounters with employers and employees. Some may not have any idea yet as to what career pathways they’d like to take nor how to get there, for any number of rationale whether fear or the feeling of inadequacy. We are delighted that many of the One In A Million Corporate Partners are lining up to provide our young people in community with such opportunities”.

Thank you Airedale Chemical for your continued support!