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OIAM Streetwise project informs young people how ‘the body keeps the score’ and ways to improve health and wellbeing.

During the summer months, One In A Million ran its ever-popular Streetwise 5-a-side football tournament with the informative theme, ‘The Body Keeps The Score’.

Each week, OIAM coaches would present a stylishly designed poster to the young people. The poster’s contained a QR code for them to scan that took them to our Streetwise landing page. On here, they could watch a short motivational YouTube film by the likes of Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Johnson, and Cristiano Ronaldo. These were used to reinforce our theme.

Also, on this (Streetwise) website page was a collection of mobile phone wallpapers for the young people to download and add to their personal devices. We even posted an ‘R7’ workout drill for young people to follow. Over 1,000 impressions were tracked via analytics.

A total of 265 young people attended our hubs in Canterbury, Keighley, Manningham, Shipley, and South Bradford, over the 10 weeks running from May to July.

The final week brought together representation of teams from across our district hubs to compete for the ‘Community Shield’.

A number of awards and medals were handed out including Top Scorer, Top Goalkeeper, runner-up team, and winning team of the tournament.

Libby said, “I'm going to frame this medal in my room!”.  Tommy remarked, “I feel so special!”, to which OIAM staff member Anna Mitchell replied, “that's because you are, and that's without the medal!".

Manningham United were the winners of the tournament beating Manningham FC in the final.

Our next tournament begins in September. Watch out for further promotions.

The evidence is clear - the body keeps the score! (click to expand)

When you’re making bad choices such as:

  • Smoking/vaping;

  • Poor eating/drinking habits;

  • Substance abuse;

  • Not getting enough exercise;

  • Loss of sleep;

  • Your body is losing!

The results affect your body and your mental health. It puts you in fight-or-flight mode. When you’re not at your healthiest, you can probably tell.

The good news… improving your health and physical wellbeing can benefit your body, your mind, and your friendships. It can also reduce your;

  • Risk of anxiety and depression;

  • Improves sleeping;

  • Strengthens bones and muscles;

  • Helps achieve a healthy weight;

  • Improves the quality of your life;

  • Increases your chances of living longer!

  • Now, your body is winning.

The bottom line: The body keeps the score!

Win your mental health with SMART GOALS (click to expand)

The SMART GOALS method provides a way to help you measure your progress and be accountable for your success.

We’ve written some questions and an example of how to apply SMART GOALS to help you.

One In A Million Streetwise - House Rules (click to expand)

Mobile Phone Wallpapers (click to expand)

Click > Save to camera > Go to settings and add from there.

Pitch-side posters (click to expand)