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OIAM Remembrance Service - Lest We Forget

10th November 2017. Thank you everyone who joined us for today’s One In A Million Remembrance Service at our mainstream secondary school. Students were joined by two specials guests from the British Army, staff from One In A Million charity, community, school governors and Trust Members. 

The 2 minutes silence was impeccable. Students, staff and guests were encouraged to pray and use the time to reflect. 

 Mr Grant read a deeply moving poem written by Samaira Latif, Year 9.


The Meaning of War by Samaira Latif


The world came to a standstill,

Manipulative leaders sat with sinister grins as death surrounded them.


Men in uniform barricaded streets, isolating 'the others'

Trenches drowned by vibrant blood,

Bodies lay emotionless: The graveyard battlefield

Children's screams deafening; Wondering why they were

being abandoned:

Rammed into trains against their will.


Entire countries devoured.

Entire generations obliterated.

Longing for companionship.

For a reunion that never came.


Blankets of red poppies are all that remains.


The service closed with many students having their pictures taken with our guests from the British Army.

Lest we forget.