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Children given the ‘space to inspire’ during 6-week taster course in art and design technology.

Over the last 6-weeks, children and young people at our Keighley Hub have been doing an ‘art and design technology’ taster with Space To Inspire.

They have thoroughly enjoyed being creative! Starting off with producing their drawings and designs, they then advanced to working with wood and other materials to safely assemble their project.

David Wilson, Community Activator, “It has been great having Russell Brown from Space To Inspire with us. He naturally inspires everyone. Russell has taught some of our young people how to use a drill safely and encouraged them to be creative with a variety of resources.

The children and young people have really enjoyed the longevity of this project-based work. Each week, they have looked forward to Russell visiting the centre and being able to work on their projects”.

Such projects have helped them develop their critical creative thinking, decision-making skills, and nurtured an environment for collaboration with other children and young people.

Casey (from Kidz Club): “I have created the Sue Belcher Centre because I love being here after school".

Pixie (from Kidz Club): "I like coming up with my own ideas. Look, I've made a pond and garden path to my house".

Mckenzie who attends Youth Club added, "I'm wanting to do an apprenticeship in a trade when I finish school this year, like an electrician, but I want to learn how to use a drill properly".

Another young person said, "I like making patterns like Henna. I enjoy using different colours. Can we do more of this and apply for funding for more materials?".

Russell Brown said, “At Space To Inspire, we are all about engaging children and young people with STEM/STEAM (science, technology, engineering and maths/ plus the arts) projects. The bird box’s and insect hotels were a way of developing practical skills using basic hand tools whilst making a positive contribution to our environment.

The ‘Village’ project was not only about developing practical skills but also about encouraging creativity and personal interpretation. These first steps in the taster programmes are intended to inspire young people and give them the confidence to widen their potential career options for the benefit of us all”.

Thank you Space To Inspire for engaging and enriching our children and young people with this project. They have thoroughly enjoyed themselves each week. It is one we look forward to further developing such projects in the future.