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Children and young people discover the great outdoors during camping adventure

During August, a group of children and young people from Keighley and South Bradford went on the adventure of ‘wild camping’.

“It’s been a brilliant time of memory making with the children. For many they’ve experienced camping for the first time”. (David Wilson, OIAM Community Activators).

The activities included setting up camp, a 3-hour sunset / night walk in beautiful luscious surroundings, toasting marshmallows, night games in the woods, sleep somewhere in between waking up at 5:30am for sunrise ahead of more fun packed activities including games, archery, bushcraft and a trip to the park.


Paul: “I enjoyed the bushcraft activity, being able to help start the campfire, have toasted marshmallows and learn how to sharpen wood”.


Jack: “The best part was the archery, where I got a higher score than both Katie & David (OIAM staff), so I was very proud of myself”.

It is fair to say that it was a full on 24 hours of fun, adventure, team building, with each child taking something away from the experience that was unique them.

Ruby: “I loved camping for the first time!! I didn't know what to expect but I enjoyed being in a tent, and staying up late”. 

Loreece: “I enjoyed the evening walk, it was good to chat with my friend Imogen. It was just nice to do something different”.

Victoria (parent): “Thank you so much for taking my daughter Ruby on the camping trip, she loved every minute of it and hasn't stopped talking about it since coming home, wanting to tell me all about it”. 

Jess (parent): “Owen really enjoyed himself on the camping trip, thank you so much”.

This experience is one that will last long in the memories of the children.

A special thank you to Sue Belcher Centre for a contribution to this trip OIAM staff, Duncan from ‘Woodsworth Exploring’ for use of the site and bushcraft & a guided night walk, and Mumtaz for our Archery session (Onna Ju-Jitsu Club).