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OIAMFS Awarded Services Of ‘Education Mental Health Practitioner’ Thanks To The Local Authorities’ Trailblazer Programme

One In A Million Free School are delighted to have been allocated an Education Mental Health Practitioner for two days each week.

Halima Begum, part of the newly formed Mental Health Work Force, will now be working with our young people and staff each Thursday and Friday to address mild to moderate mental health concerns as part of the National NHS Trailblazer programme.

The Trailblazer programme has three key objectives:

  • The new mental health work force has been established as part of the national trailblazer to improve and increase availability to children’s mental health services and mental health and wellbeing support.
  • Trailblazer sites will test how MHSTs can work with schools, local authority and other services and reduce waiting times for specialist NHS mental health services.
  • Faster access to NHS care – to bridge the gap between health and education

Halima is trained to deliver Low Intensity Cognitive Behaviour Treatments (CBT) to any student demonstrating mild to 
moderate mental health concerns.

What is the approach Halima uses?

Hello From Halima Begum:

  • “Hi! My name is Halima and I am your Education Mental Health Practitioner, who will be in school Thursdays and Fridays. After graduating in Psychology and Early years, I have spent over 10 years in the voluntary sector supporting children, young people and their families. Helping people is a passion I look forward to every day and I’m excited to be part of the new Mental Health Support Team.
  • I am here to help if you feel like you may be worrying about things a little too much, feeling down more than you’d like to or struggling with day-to-day things please speak to a member of staff or write your name, coaching team and pop it in The ‘Student Voicebox’ located in the school entrances”.

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