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‘Words for Work’ equips students with communication skills (support by Provident Financial Group and National Literacy Trust)

On Tuesday 6th December 2022, One In A Million Free welcomed Provident Financial Group and National Literacy Trust into school to work with Yr8 students for the continuation of the ‘Words for Work’ programme.

The morning was split into three sections; a group exercise, journal reflection time, and interviews/feedback.

For the first task students were given a story-based scenario to discuss and explore; they are stranded on an island, they can bring a (non-survival) luxury item and determine what their skill would be. Fellow students would then vote whether they join the island’s community! Surprisingly mobile phones were low down the list for luxury items! As the task neared completion students began to offer up luxury items and skills that would best serve a community-working environment and benefit ‘other people’!

Students worked creatively and collaboratively whilst demonstrating their oracy skills in front of a full theatre of people including guests!

The remainder of the time was given to a carousel of journal reflection and formal 1:1 interviews with guests from Provident Financial Group and National Literacy Trust lasting 10 minutes. At the end, each student was given written feedback and tips on how improve next time. Provident have agreed with the Trust to return to the school in some stage in the new-year and conduct the follow-up interviews so that students can demonstrate their progress.

What the students had to say:

Isa: “I think it has been an amazing. It was a phenomenal experience with the Words for Work team. They were really helpful and enthusiastic to help us. It will help you when you are older, and you are looking for a job”.

Imaan: “It’s been a really useful day. I received great advice on how to improve my interview skills for the future”.

Ammarah: “The sessions helped boost my confidence and the people (from Provident) encouraged me to be myself”.

Shamila A: “I felt comfortable. Everyone was friendly and approachable”.

Burhaan: “It is a good opportunity to practice your interview skills. It can help people who are shy”.

Cathy Prior, Social Impact Programme Manager, Provident Financial Group, said, “I would like to say a big thank you to all the students who took part in the National Literacy Trust’s ‘Words for Work’ programme this year, we think you all did an amazing job when it came to your interviews! Our volunteers were really impressed to see how you grew in confidence as you were grilled about your strengths and weaknesses, leadership and team skills. We hope we gave you some valuable feedback to help build your confidence and skills for when it comes to the real thing, and we look forward to continuing to work with you to help do that. Thank you for a wonderful morning. A big thank you also to our volunteers, National Literacy Trust and the staff at One In A Million for helping to make it a great experience for these young people”.

Mark Hughes, OIAMFS Trust Member, “A big thank you to Provident Financial Group and the National Literacy Trust for their continued support and commitment to enhancing our student’s experience of the world of work. It was a privilege to be in attendance”.