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Woodhouse Grove Scholarship Is Awarded To OIAMFS Student Mohiuddin Kabiri!

We are delighted to announce that One In A Million Free School leaver Mohiuddin Kabiri has been awarded a full Sixth Form bursary place at the prestigious Woodhouse Grove School starting this September 2022!

Mohiuddin will be joined by fellow student Malikah Mahmood who has also been awarded a bursary at the school. Both students will follow in the footsteps of previous bursary winners, which includes Finn P (2018), Raihan Y (2018), Abdullah I (2019), Samia K (2019), Reece H (2020) and Maria Z (2020), Tasmia T (2021), and Rifqah B.

Read on to find out what Mohiuddin had to say about his time at our school and the next destination.

“There have been numerous things which I have cherished whilst learning here at OIAMFS, one of my most precious moments being with my friends and having a strong relationship with the teachers at this school. Without the bonds I have created at this school, I cannot imagine how I would have been able to get to where I am now.

My favourite subjects have definitely been maths and all three sciences, since I have developed a passion for these subjects over the course of these 5 years at this school. If it were not for my teachers who supported and inspired me over the course of the academic years, I don't think I would have enjoyed maths and science as much as I do now. In fact, I am striving to pursue a career in science with maths being one of my choices for A-levels.

I had always wanted to excel in education ever since I joined this school, so to hear that OIAMFS was offering a place in a well esteemed sixth form, I wanted to try my hardest in order to have a chance at getting a place. When I heard I got the place I was dumbstruck and in awe that all my hard work and perseverance paid off.

Woodhouse Grove School provides limitless possibilities for me to excel in my learning and fitness, providing spectacular educational opportunities and several extracurricular activities that I can enjoy. With this chance I will work hard and exceed my limits by becoming the best version of myself that I can be.

I have always had a strong passion for physics and chemistry so once I have finished school I believe the best career for me would be to work as a scientist, since my passion has derived from the intriguing aspects of creating new possibilities and exploring mysteries that have not yet been discovered.

My advice to students joining the school would be to seize every opportunity that comes your way since it will benefit you in the long run, and perhaps help you in ways that you have not released yet. Do not be afraid to face challenges that may look difficult since you will only get stronger whether or not you succeed the first time.

Finally, do not change who you are for other people; be yourself and do not take notice of any negative comments you may hear or any gossip which may null your passion. Stay true to yourself. Live and work by the OIAM core values (compassion, honesty, integrity and excellence) and someday you will be able to aspire to become whatever you want to be”. (Mohiuddin Kabiri)

Congratulations Mohiuddin! All the very best in your bright future.

On behalf of One In A Million Free School a sincere thank you to the governing body and leadership at Woodhouse Grove for your continued support and provision of opportunities for our students.