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The Talent Foundry inspires Year 7 students about their future during Enterprise Day

On the 15th September 2023, over 70 students in Year 7 took part in our ‘Enterprise Day’, which included an engaging and interactive workshop themed, 'The Big Idea', hosted by The Talent Foundry.

The aim of the day was for students to take on the roles of a new enterprise company. During the workshop, the students were encouraged to develop their knowledge of social issues in Bradford and to design a product that used technology for the greater good.

The students began the workshop with an activity which tested their knowledge of key terms used within the technology sector. The students were actively engaged and keen to impress the host with their knowledge and understanding.

The workshop session continued to develop student knowledge as they learnt about Dell Technologies and their social responsibilities including their contribution towards reducing environmental issues. Hurail Butt said, 'Today I learnt lots about Dell and working as a team to help others.' 

The students were then tasked with a project which involved creating a technology product which would reduce one social issue in Bradford. Each team took ownership and decided which social issue was most important to them. They then invented a new and innovative product to tackle the problem. This project supported the development of multiple transferable skills, including, communication (speaking, listening, presenting), teamwork, and leadership skills such as creative critical-thinking and problem-solving. Daniel Mnidima said at the end of the session, “I think the tech industry is quite exciting, and today I learnt that teamwork is strongly involved within it! The day benefited me because it gave me an idea of how businesses work which could be useful for me in the future”.

The winning team designed 'Camo Cam', a camouflaged security system to be used in public places, to help tackle the social issue of crime and antisocial behaviour. The team pitched a fantastic presentation and showed excellent teamwork and creative skills. The project manager of 'Camo Cam', Ubaid Abdus-Subhan, said, “Today I've learnt how many people need help and what I can do in the future to make a difference in the world”.

Well done, Year 7. A special thank you to The Talent Foundry and Jeanette Percival for hosting the day with our very enthusiastic Year 7 students.