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Students unlock the clues during the immersive ‘murder mystery’ Enterprise Day.

On Tuesday 10th October 2023, One In A Million Free School students in Year 8 and 9 students participated in ‘Murder Mystery’ Enterprise Day.

The event was a fully immersive workshop with the focus on creative-critical thinking and problem-solving, as well as communication skills including oracy/presentation and team-building.

Students were called upon to collaborate, to advance their enquiries as they interrogated 8 suspects played by professional actors. Each team evaluated the evidence, regularly regrouped to discuss the findings and decided how best to proceed. The students then formed juries where they tried to influence others or balance diverse views as to who was guilty. They were then challenged to reach a verdict.  

Miss Stuart said, “It was an exciting educational experience for our students. It was a pleasure to watch them so engaged throughout. It was clear to see students' confidence and communication grow throughout the event. I am sure we have some detectives in the making!”. 

One student said, “It was a very enticing and involving experience. The way the actors stayed in character all day was impressive”.

Another student said, “I liked the fact we had to go around the room, looking at evidence and making our own notes to try and solve the crime. We could even interrogate the actors and ask them about different pieces of evidence and information. Overall, I think the whole day was amazing, and I would look to be involved in something like this again”.

Another student said, “The murder mystery event was an absolutely brilliant experience. It was a rather different and enjoyable day. My favourite part was interrogating the suspects because I would find new clues which would contribute to my conclusion. It was surprising to find different things going on throughout the day. This was an amazing experience and I would definitely do it again”.

The (external) event leader was extremely complimentary about our students. He remarked, “Your students have done you very proud today. They have clear values and a good culture within school. This shone throughout the day”.