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Student Rifqah B Awarded Sixth Form Bursary At Woodhouse Grove School!

9th August 2021. Congratulation! We are delighted to announce that One In A Million Free School leaver Rifqah B has been awarded a full Sixth Form bursary place at the prestigious Woodhouse Grove School starting this September 2021!

Rifqah will be joined by fellow student Tasmia T who has also been awarded a bursary at the school. Both students will follow previous winners of the bursaries Finn P (2018), Raihan Y (2018), Abdullah I (2019), and Samia K (2019), Reece H (2020) and Maria Z (2020).

What have been your favourite subjects and why?

“I enjoyed all subjects at school. My personal favourites were, English, History and PE. I loved learning new techniques in English and knowing there are no limits when it comes to writing. History was a very interesting subject in which I learnt the significance and impact it has on the transformation of today’s society. And lastly, PE was a subject where I could develop my skills and work with my classmates as a team”.

How do you feel about the opportunity to attend Woodhouse Grove?

I am very thankful for this opportunity and know that it will open many doors for me. I’m indebted to my teachers, as I wouldn’t have been given the chance to take part in this scholarship if they didn’t believe in me. I know that this scholarship will have a huge impact on my future and help me achieve my goals. I am extremely thankful”.

How will you use this opportunity to further your education?

I will use this opportunity by working really hard and to the best of my ability to achieve the grades I will need to study at university”.

What career do you want to have when you do leave school?

I have a passion for working in the business industry. My inspiration comes from my dad as he has worked really hard to own his own business. Being around the business and engaging in how things work really interests me and motivates me to become my own boss in the future”.

What advise would you give to a new Yr7 student attending our school?

“Enjoy your time and make friends but also focus on your studies. The work you put in will really benefit you for GCSEs. Also, follow the school values and rules. They will help shape you into ideal young adults and prepare you for life outside school. Most importantly, respect and listen to the teachers. They are there to support and help you grow through the years”.