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Student-Led School ‘Culture Day’ Celebrates Diversity, Inclusion and Equality.

On Monday 18th July 2022, One In A Million Free School celebrated its first official ‘Culture Day’.

During a student council meeting, students came up with the idea that they would like to have a calendared school ‘Culture Day’ to celebrate each other and gain a deeper understanding of their peers. The students felt this day would support our school values or Compassion, Honesty, Integrity and Excellence. 

Our school community is diverse. Therefore, equality, inclusion, tolerance and respect are very important to the ethos of our school vision. School consists of at least:

  • 29 different languages
  • 8 different religions
  • 17 different ethnic backgrounds

Students planned the day from start to finish! They decided the day would involve looking at South Asia, East Asia and Africa. Focusing on music, the arts, foods, values and history. The day also involved an Anti-Bullying focused lesson produced by our very own student anti-bullying ambassadors. All of this, so that our school culture and values could be further enriched and enhanced.

One student said, “It was nice to enjoy celebrating who we are, dressing up in our own clothes and learning about each other”.  Another student added, “I enjoyed wearing my own clothes, making Chinese lanterns and African masks and learning about different languages”.

Charlotte Stuart, (Associate Senior Leader of Student Experience), closed with, “We are really proud of the school council for the leadership skills they have shown in coming up with this idea and making it happen. Equally, we are proud of the maturity students have shown in embracing the themes and activities ran throughout the day”.