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Parent/Carer/Student GCSE exams support

Dear Parents/Carers, thank you for all the support that you continue to give your child as they start their GCSE exams.

The first exam is on Thursday 9th May (Religious Studies, for some of our Y11 students), with our last exam on Friday 14th June (Physics, for all of our Y11 students). This will be the last day for our Y11 students at One In A Million Free School.

We are aware that although this is a hugely important period of time for our students, it can also prove to be stressful and anxious for many. This letter is being sent to detail everything that we are continuing to do for your child and how we are supporting them to achieve their true potential in their exams.

To support your child, we have:

  • Used our Y11 Mock Results to plan effective lessons focussing on content and exam technique
  • Met with Heads of Departments to discuss targeted intervention strategies
  • Held weekly Y11 assemblies leading up to the exams
  • Ensured our Form Tutors “check in” with Y11 students every morning
  • Altered the Y11 Form Time schedule to include additional Maths revision
  • Altered the Y11 Form Time schedule to include targeted English intervention
  • Altered the Y11 Form Time schedule to include exam preparation (E.g., creating revision plans)
  • Supported targeted students to attend school
  • Provided targeted students with well-being support
  • Held after-school revision sessions for our Y11 students (Monday to Thursday, until 4:30pm)
  • Continued to host Maths and English tutoring from the University of Bradford every Tuesday after school.

From next week, we will:

  • Hold a special exam preparation assembly for Y11 students
  • Follow a Y11 Masterclass and Booster session timetable, which includes:
  • Subject masterclasses from subject teachers to prepare for exams
  • Morning Booster sessions before exams (including providing students with breakfast)
  • Implement a mentoring programme, with members of the leadership team regularly meeting with targeted Y11 students.

As you will be aware, the Y11 reports were sent out last week providing you with an opportunity to see the progress your child is making in their subjects. Please can we ask for your continued support in ensuring that your child attends school every day, so they benefit from the masterclass/booster sessions and importantly, do not miss any exams. We would also request that you encourage your child to benefit from the after-school revision sessions (Monday to Thursday) that will take place throughout the exam season.

Your child will be given another copy of the exam timetable, as well as copies of the Y11 Masterclass and Booster session timetable to support them with the planning of their revision at home.

Once again, thank you for the support you continue to provide for your child. If you have any questions or queries about the upcoming exams please contact the school, asking for Mr. Stokes (Head of Year 11) or myself.

Yours faithfully

Mr Coles,
Vice Principal,
One In A Million Free School