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Outward Bound Residential Day 3 - Outward Bound Acknowledge Efforts Of ‘Values-Led’ Students!

Dear Parents/Carers,

See below for the latest ‘day 3’ update from the Outwood Bound Residential.

Outwood Bound Residential Diary: Day 3! 

Arkless set out canoeing around the lake and surrounding mountains. They canoed for around an hour to a nearby beach, where they stopped to eat lunch. They then began gorge walking which involved teamwork and showing compassion for one another. Students thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. The group finished with torchlight night-time orienteering in small teams in the woodland followed by a well deserved hot chocolate. 

Fiennes team started the day within the Yurt, reflecting on their achievements during day 2 and working through some team building activities. The afternoon involved the team gorge walking through a mountain stream. Students enjoyed the challenge and used the skills they had previously developed. Evening activities included a treasure hunt in the woodland and a warm hot chocolate!  

The Bonington team rowed 3km across the lake to Silver Bay. Students completed the row as a group of 12 in a rowing boat, stopping for snacks and enjoying the scenery. They then walked to Sandwick Bay and enjoyed an evening cookout with the Muir team before a lovely evening walk back. 

The Hill team's morning activity was canoeing on Ullswater Lake, students were in 2 groups of 6. Their first challenge was to row across the lake, which required excellent communication skills to ensure they worked successfully as a team. The group then enjoyed playing a number of team games on the lake including canoe rugby and a singing and dancing competition while still in the canoes! The day ended with an evening campfire and a reflectional time on the day. 

The Muir team paddled around 4km across the lake to Sandwick Bay.

Students demonstrated resilience and teamwork to complete the distance. In the evening they enjoyed a cookout, joining up with the Bonington team and walking back together using head torches to light the way. 

Team Dalton set off for a whole day expedition! After a ride on the powerboat they rowed across Ullswater Lake. Once safely moored, they had fun exploring the underground tunnels before a well deserved lunch. They then canoed down the lake to a new destination, where they; explored, played hide and seek, and cooked an evening meal. They ate sitting on the beach, enjoying the majestic views, while reflecting on the journey and their accomplishments.

All students received a certificate in the evening for their outstanding achievements throughout the week and a number of our students have been invited back to summer camps due to their outstanding contribution during the week! 

The Outward Bounds staff couldn’t speak highly enough about our students. They commented on how exemplar all students were in displaying and embodying the school values. Throughout the week we have seen high levels of compassion, honesty, integrity and excellence demonstrated by all our students.

Well done everyone. We are proud of you!


Due to the weather we are travelling back to school this morning. We are looking forward to seeing our families and friends, so we can tell them all about our time away in the Lake District.