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OIAMFS students enjoy the thrill of Flamingo Land Resort with friends!

On Friday 15th September 2023, a group of Years 8-11 students participated in the school end of year gold rewards trip to a theme park.

154 students attended Flamingo Land Resort and thoroughly enjoyed the day.

A group of year 11 students expressed they enjoyed spending time with friends, and a year 9 student said they had great fun on the rides and loved visiting the zoo. 

YR 9: “I love rides, I went on SIK 3 times with my friends!”.

Yr 10: “The motorbike ride ‘Velocity’ was so fast. It was the best ride. I can't wait to go again next year!”.

Yr 11: “I liked just getting to spend time with my friends”.

Yr 8: “The best part was going around the zoo with my friends. I loved seeing the Zebras. They are my favourite animal".

Ms Stuart, Assistant Principal: “Today has been a great day out at Flamingo Land Resort. Whilst the thrill of the rides may have been the main attraction, it has been the joy of spending time with friends that has stood out the most to them. As always, our students have been fantastic and loved every minute of it”.

Students have already started talking about plans for next year's rewards trip!