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OIAMFS Students Celebrates One Britain One Nation

On Friday 28th June 2019, students from OIAM Free School participated in the celebration of One Britain One Nation Day (OBON)OBON is a campaign created and led by Kash Singh, an award-winning, Bradford-based, retired West Yorkshire Police inspector.

Over students from Years 7 and 8 stood firmly to sing the national anthem with great passion and pomp! ‘God save our Queen’ could be heard in the surrounding streets.

Mr Rees, OIAMFS Principal said, “Friday saw the annual One Britain One Nation celebrations, which brought together schools from across the city who demonstrated their immense pride in their cultural heritage and exploration what it means to be British to them. The fact that these explorations were shared with our visiting guests from both Hungary and Spain helped make the celebrations hold even more significance”.

As part of our wider commitment to celebrating British Values, a number of OIAM Free School student volunteers supported a Community Day organised by the One In A Million Charity who sponsors our school. Student volunteers included Tasmia T, Halima K, Muhammad R, Riyadur R.

When asked why it was important for the students to celebrate British Values, and how they expressed them in everyday life, this is what they had to say, “Helping young kids is the best part of volunteering. Meeting new people brings us happiness and seeing them smile, makes us smile! We consider volunteering as an amazing opportunity. We feel blessed and grateful to play our part in celebrating One Britain One Nation”. Former OIAM Free School students Joshua R and Ammara B also helped out alongside Classroom Learning Support Miss Dalby (of OIAM Free School). (To find out more about this story click here).

Mark Hughes, Chair of Governors explained, “At OIAM Free School, every day is an opportunity to celebrate British values! Values are at the heart of all we do. They shape the culture and ethos of our school. We regularly instill in our students and staff that when values are truly lived out, they always create a ripple effect that goes beyond the boundaries of our school. They create a tipping point that will positively impact our homes, local communities, city and beyond!”.

“Congratulations OBON. Together, we champion British values. We look forward to seeing this movement grow nationally in the years ahead!”.