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OIAMFS Student Wins Prestigious Wharfedale Literacy Award

One In A Million Free School are delighted to announce that Year 9 student, Armaan Hussain has won an award for his poetry at the much coverted Wharfedale Festival of Performing Arts

The Wharfedale Festival encompasses all schools in Ilkley, Bradford and the surrounding areas. It is a wonderful opportunity for creative and hard-working students to show off their skills on a wider platform.

Armaan Hussain (Y9) was chosen to represent our school at the Wharfedale Festival due to his love of writing lyrics both inside and outside school. This Festival gave him the chance to do something extra-cirricular, which linked directly to a passion of his. Armaan's poem was honest, open and inspiring!

Armaan said, "It was great to practice my literacy skills whilst doing something I genuinely love - writing bars! I felt so surprised to learn that I'd won because I’m not always the most confident person in my writing".

Mr Pickles, OIAMFS English teacher added, “I'm so proud of Armaan! I’m glad he chose to do this. I hope such recognition now boosts his confidence because he is a creative and hard-working student when he chooses to focus his energy on what matters most”.

Congratulations Armaan. Keep writing. Keep being creative. Keep doing what you love!