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OIAMFS Student Malikah Mahmood Awarded Prestigious Woodhouse Grove Scholarship!

We are delighted to announce that One In A Million Free School leaver Malikah Mahmood has been awarded a full Sixth Form bursary place at the prestigious Woodhouse Grove School starting this September 2022!

Malikah will be joined by fellow student Mohiuddin Kabiri who has also been awarded a bursary at the school. Both students will follow in the footsteps of previous bursary winners, which includes Finn P (2018), Raihan Y (2018), Abdullah I (2019), Samia K (2019), Reece H (2020) and Maria Z (2020), Tasmia T (2021), and Rifqah B (2021).

Read on to find out what Malikah had to say about her time at our school and her next destination.

“My favourite part about OIAMFS would have to be the friendships I made while attending here. I met classmates and teachers who have changed me for the better and allowed me to grow into an improved person.

Whilst, my favourite subjects would have to be Maths and PE. Maths gave me a chance to refine my problem-solving skills and in PE I could let off some steam with friends. Because I extremely enjoy these subjects I intend to study Maths and join numerous clubs at Woodhouse Grove School.

It really is a massive opportunity and I am very grateful and fortunate. I plan to make the most of it and work harder than I ever have before.

Woodhouse Grove School offers a range of different pathways for me to take, and I hope to explore each one vigorously. I will apply myself relentlessly and take hold of every opportunity given to me in order to achieve my goals.

Ever since I was a child I always wanted to pursue a career in medicine in order to make a difference by helping others. When I eventually leave school I want to attend university and someday receive my MD degree.

My advice to students joining the school would be: enjoy your time at school. I know I probably sound like every adult who has told you this, but time flies. Soon enough you’ll be doing your GCSEs and two of you will be writing this just like me. Make the most out of what you have. It’ll be over before you know it” (Malikah Mahmood).

Congratulations Malikah! All the very best in your bright future.

On behalf of One In A Million Free School a sincere thank you to the governing body and leadership at Woodhouse Grove for your continued support and provision of opportunities for our students.