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OIAMFS Ofsted Report statement from the Principal and the Academy Trust

One In A Million Free School was judged to be Requires Improvement following its Ofsted Inspection, which took place on June 13 & 14th 2023.

The recently appointed, Principal, Mrs. Hobbs stated: “Naturally, we are disappointed with the overall judgement, but recognise the work we need to do. The areas identified in the Ofsted report as needing further development were identified in the School Improvement Plan and actions are being taken to ensure these improvements are embedded as quickly as possible.

There are a number of positives to take from the report and as a school we are pleased that inspectors found students are happy and feel safe at school and that staff are proud to work at One In A Million Free School.

The Post pandemic period has been a challenging time for the school for many reasons, but particularly in terms of recruiting teaching staff. We have recently appointed several new curriculum leaders, who will be in post from September 2023 to ensure the curriculum is delivered consistently across the school so that students can achieve or exceed their potential.

Furthermore, Inspectors recognised that the school has “high expectations of pupils’ behaviour and conduct” and “pupils’ respond well to our behaviour systems and routines”.

Behaviour and Attitudes at One In A Million Free School were judged by inspectors as ‘Good’.  The report states: “Leaders have implemented a behaviour system with an emphasis on clear and consistent routines. Pupils respond well to this approach”, and “Bullying is rare. If it does take place it is dealt with effectively and efficiently”.

Personal Development was also judged as ‘Good’ by inspectors. The curriculum supports pupil’s wider personal development as “pupils gain the knowledge they need to be ready for their next steps in education and beyond”.

We are also pleased inspectors recognised that “pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities are supported well” and “most staff feel that leaders are mindful of their workload and supportive of their wellbeing”.

We are incredibly proud of our students and grateful to staff for their hard work, dedication and commitment to our shared values of compassion, honesty, integrity, and excellence. We would like to thank our parents/carers and governors, for their support towards the school”.

One In A Million Academy Trust said: “With its existing strengths, areas for improvement already being actioned, and a secure partnership in place with Woodhouse Grove School for our sports facilities; the Trust now feels there is a firm foundation to build the school we envisaged, which is ultimately to grow responsible citizens who enjoy and achieve in their education, and who exceed in life beyond our school”.

A copy of the Ofsted Report can be read here.