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OIAMFS Half Term Newsletter For Students, Parents, Carers

26th March 2021. Dear Parent/Carer,

Firstly, I just wanted to thank you for all your support in the successful reopening of One In A Million Free School. I know how keen parents, students and of course staff have been to see our children return to school, so it really is a relief to have everyone back in the building and participating face to face once again, albeit through masks and shields!

As you are aware, in order to accommodate the Government's request for in-school Covid testing, we had to implement a staggered return during the week commencing the 8th March, and without your support and understanding, we would not have had such a smooth reopening of school.

School reopens Monday 12th April

With the days growing longer, we quickly find ourselves at the end of term, but I can't help feeling the students have only just returned. So after speaking to my team, in order to maximise the amount of 'in school' days before the summer, One In A Million Free School will reopen after the Easter break on Monday 12th April. This means the planned teacher training day will now take place on Friday 11th June'21, and the school term dates on the website have been updated accordingly.

Covid Home Testing

For the time being, for those of you who have kindly agreed to test your child at home, Covid lateral flow device testing will continue into the new term. Of course, if you wish for your child to take part in testing after the Easter break, please email and we'll arrange for a kit to be sent out to you.

The current number of students testing at home are as follows:

167 students (44%) of the school are testing at home.

  • Year 7 x29
  • Year 8 x42
  • Year 9 x39
  • Year 10 x25
  • Year 11 x32

School Uniform

Since the reopening of school, we have noticed a large number of uniform infringements, and whilst I appreciate remote learning allowed for a relaxed attitude to home clothes and leisure wear, now One In A Million has reopened, students must attend school in the proper uniform.

In order to resolve this, from next term I will be re-introducing a strict uniform policy. As a result, items of clothing which are not part of the school uniform will be confiscated on entry to the building, and returned at the end of the day.

In order for you to check you have the required uniform for the start of the new term, please see our uniform guide on the school's website

Late Arrivals

In addition to issues with school uniform, we have seen that some students are not arriving at school on time.

Students arriving late, not only find their day disrupted, but they also disrupt other children and staff. Furthermore, as staff need to monitor and check anyone who enters the building, being late not only has Health and Safety implications, but with the need for separate Year entrances, security issues too.

Please can you ensure your child arrives at school on time.

Parent Wellbeing

At One In A Million, we have always prided ourselves that we are a close-knit community and we believe that all our families are an intrinsic part of that community.

While we can see a light at the end of the tunnel, please know the school is on hand to support you and your family. We have loved speaking to you regularly during the lockdown and as a result, after the Easter holidays we will continue to make wellbeing calls, so please don't be surprised if we contact you simply to check how you are doing.

As always, we are incredibly grateful for your help and support and we hope you all manage to have a relaxing, and safe break over the coming holiday. We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back again on April 12th and beginning the summer term with renewed energy, optimism and of course, OIAMFS spirit!

Warm regards

Stuart Rees