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Students Celebrate OBON Day With Jubilee Party For Guests!

On Friday 17th June 2022 students in The Hub at One In A Million Free School celebrated OBON Day (One Britain One Nation) with a Jubilee Afternoon Tea Party entertaining parents, staff, and school governors.

This was a huge event, which the students have been planning for weeks. It also linked into our History curriculum topic comparing the present Royal family and the Tudors.

The students learnt a whole range of new skills, which will be extremely valuable in their lifelong journey of learning.

The event was based around an ‘enterprise’ project for The Hub. It began with an idea by students to produce a souvenir chocolate bar to mark the Jubilee. We worked together to design, scale, print and produce the finished product with students having different responsibilities. The students learnt an important lesson about profit margins because at first they assumed all monies were profit!

Ebon said, “I worked with the money, making sure everyone paid and kept a spreadsheet to show the orders, delivery and payment of the chocolate bars. I really enjoyed this!”

Madison and Lee were responsible for coordinating the delivery of the personalised invitations. Madison said, “It was hard making sure we did not miss anyone out, and we had to keep checking who had got them!”

Next the students decided to hold a raffle. Lucy’s Little Bake House kindly donated a large professional cake, which was the top item in the prize draw. Again, students worked as a team selling raffle tickets on a daily basis to students, staff, parents and governors.

It was a very busy day and everyone was exhausted by the end of the event. Abdus said at the end, “I am exhausted, but it has been fun!”

Riyan said, “I really enjoyed greeting everyone and showing them to their table and taking their orders for drinks. I felt very professional!”

Pam Essler BEM, governor, “It was a privilege to be present at the Jubilee Party. Students (supported by staff!) had obviously spent a long time planning and preparing the food and decorations together with organising activities and looking after guests on the day. I’m sure that if the Queen had been able to attend she would have been delighted by the manner in which One In A Million celebrated Her Majesty’s long reign!”

Mark Hughes, Trust Member/governor, “What a fantastic occasion to mark the celebration of OBON Day (One Britain One Nation). It was wonderful to chat with the students and find out what new skills they had learned during the planning and preparation for today. A big thank you to all the staff and guests who attended the celebrations. Finally, a special thank you to the amazing students. They are a credit to themselves and to the school”.