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Craven College Art Trip Inspires Students​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

This week, students from Year 9 visited the stunning facilities of Craven College, Skipton, to participate in a Fine Art masterclass as part of our informed careers choices programme.  


“After our school trip to Craven College, I’ve learnt that the inspiration behind fine art is something that comes from within. It is not about seeking perfection but rather about expressing your imagination, even if its a little crazy! I really appreciated the content of the day and how we focused on a certain aspects of the creative process and then watched our work evolve. After working on our own projects during the day we have the joy of seeing the work some of their college students had produced. The work was inspiring and the thing that spoke the most was the stories behind each masterpiece”. (Riyadur R).

“Thank you Craven College for allowing us to visit your amazing facilities. They were inspiring. I learned that a piece of art is something that you develop over time, and sometimes revisit to perfect or refine often this requires a great amount of effort. Art can be hard to understand. What is beautiful to one person, might not be to another. Art varies. It can vary from somebody expressing themselves through a few scribbles on a cheaply bought scrapbook to somebody creating something with great intricacy and detail on a large formatted canvas”. (Tasmia T).

Craven College is an aspirational College set in safe, friendly and inclusive rural campuses in Skipton within the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. They also have presence at The Aviation Academy based airside at Leeds Bradford Airport. They continuously invest in excellent industry standard facilities to support and enhance student studies.