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Alhambra Theatre experience inspires students

On Thursday 14th December 2023, Yr 7 had the fantastic opportunity of visiting the Alhambra Theatre to watch Cinderella. The trip was part of our Enterprise focus this term and was a fantastic opportunity to enhance our connected curriculum. Students had a wonderful time and have already asked if there will be more theatre trips.

This is what our students said about their experience:

"I have never been to the Alhambra Theatre before, and now I would love to go again!".

"Attending the theatre made me feel special because it was the first time I have ever been and I enjoyed the show. It was fun!".

"The trip will help me with my drama lessons because I could learn from the characters and see how they improvise and work with the audience".

Ms Stuart said, “As always our Yr 7s represented themselves remarkably well, it was a pleasure to see them engaging with the pantomime”.