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Maria Zahid Awarded Sixth Form Bursary At Woodhouse Grove School!

7th Aug 2020. We are delighted to announce that One In A Million Free School leaver Maria Zahid has been awarded a full Sixth Form bursary place at the prestigious Woodhouse Grove School starting this September 2020!

Maria will be joined by fellow student Reece Hahn who has also been awarded a bursary at the school. Both students will follow previous winners of the bursaries Finn Payton (2018), Raihan Younis (2018), Abdullah Ijaz (2019), and Samia Khatun (2019).

Despite the significant disruption to the Summer Examination series, Maria secured a 9 and 8 in Science, and a 7 in Religious Studies.

Shorty after receiving news of her bursary we took a couple of minutes to interview Maria.

How do you feel about the two-year bursary you have been awarded at Woodhouse Grove?

“It is a once in a lifetime opportunity! It is going to be a great experience. I believe it will open new doors to achieve greater things in my life. I am very thankful to every teacher that prepared me for this moment. My parents are so proud of me. We don’t know how to thank them. It means a lot to our family. Thank you Woodhouse Grove I won’t let you down!”.

 What A-Level options have you chosen and how will you use this opportunity at Woodhouse Grove to further your education?

 “My options are Chemistry, Biology, RE, and Psychology. On my visit and tour of the school, I got to chat with Samia Khatun who was awarded one of the two bursaries last year, she is doing brilliant and so, I can’t wait to get started and work hard to achieve the grades that will hopefully get me a place in Leeds University studying Dentistry”.

What career pathway are you presently working towards?

“I want to one day own my own dentist practice! Alternatively, be a leading dentistry in somewhere like the NHS”.

What has been your favourite part about coming to OIAMFS? 

“I have enjoyed absolutely everything! Since joining from Lilycroft Primary School, I have loved my time at this school. I enjoyed going to lessons because the teachers made them really interesting. Lessons were always well planned and teachers work hard to help everyone learn and grow as young adults. I would describe the school as; supportive. Brilliant. Outstanding. I would highly recommend this school to other students. I benefited from the Enrichment programme. It really helped me to express myself and shake off any stresses from the day. I took part in lots of clubs and activities such as the girl’s football team, cooking club, science interventions, and the wellbeing club where I got to hang out with friends and teachers. I’ve been on lots of rewards trips with the highlights being Flamingo Land, Rock Climbing, and the theatre to watch Shakespeare’s Hamlet. I was really looking forward to my trip to Old Trafford in the spring but it had to be cancelled due to Covid-19”.

What has impacted you more than anything else?

“Everything! The teachers in this school have made this the best learning experience I could have hoped for. They are so committed to every student and never give up on anyone. They can regularly be seen going out of their way to make things even better. I have got lots of favourite teachers for different reasons. I really enjoyed Mr Akram's Chemistry lessons. He always provided me with extra resources, which in turn has allowed me to flourish in my Sciences. The lessons were great fun where I learnt an awful lot about the subject. He was a remarkable, great and supportive teacher who encouraged us all to do our best in everything we did.

Mrs Ware was my form teacher. She was very pastoral and supportive. She has given me lots of great advice. Mr Willis was an excellent physics science teacher who did brilliant science practicals. Mrs Jagger’s history lessons were really interesting and I had learnt a great amount of fascinating facts. Miss Stuart, Head of PE, creates great experiences in and out of school arranging different tournaments for us to participate in. I really enjoyed RE as well Mrs Myers I must say was one of the most organised teachers I had ever met she carried out extraordinary lessons for us every week and gave us some great revision resources and techniques. If I have missed any teachers out I just wanted to say every single teacher at OIAM were exceptional teachers who made my OIAM journey wonderful. Amazing. Phenomenal”.

What advise would you give to a new Year 7 student attending our school this September?

“Followed the school values. They will make you more resilient as a person.

Listen to your teachers. They always have your best interest at heart. Listen to the advice they give you along your journey through school. For me, I got to know all my teachers and really enjoyed chatting with them. Teachers are like extended parents to students.

This is a golden opportunity. Time goes by really fast. You are never going to have the chance to go back. Explore. Take part in everything the school offers. You’ll make amazing friends along the way.

Keep trying, and trying, and trying. Don’t give up. Most of all follow the schools 4 core values as they will help you achieve great things throughout your whole school years.

How would you like people to remember you at One In A Million?

“Maria was a respectful student. Hard working. Embraced the school values. Listened to her teachers. She took on board their advice. She always excelled in all of the schools 4 core values ( compassion, honesty, integrity, and excellence).

OIAMFS Academy Trust said, “Congratulations Maria! Make the most of this fabulous opportunity. We know you will continue to flourish thanks to your sheer resilience and self-drive to always do your best! We would also like to give a big thank you to the Governing Body and Principal at Woodhouse Grove School for their continued support and partnership with One In A Million Free School, and of course, our Charity. Thank you Maria, you have been a joy to be around. We wish you the very best in your studies at Woodhouse Grove”.